Projects have to be diligently planned and tracked. We immerse ourselves into your business area to help turn your idea into the end product.
We build native iOS and Android applications along with on-premises and cloud-based backend solutions.
We test mobile applications and web services. Provide quality of issued products. Perform audit of third-party projects.
Mobile applications
Testing and QA
"Six months ago, we did not know anything about the mobile developer 65 Apps and its managers Dmitrii Zhelnin and Alexey Chuvashov, only heard feedback from friends and colleagues. As a result — an excellent team, efficiency, assistance in solving many customer problems, responsibility and focus on results. And in agile! Guys, thank you for your good work in 2017! "
Tatiana Mayorova
Economic counselor
Service for supervision of consumer rights protection and ensuring the availability of financial services
"To quickly make a breakthrough, we conducted the tender and chose a reliable supplier — 65apps. They have a development center in Izhevsk, doing everything clearly, quickly and at a reasonable price".
Nikolay Pryanishnikov
"We often face complex technical problems while creating new tools for our users. A strong partner who can help us in solving them is a rarity. 65apps are not afraid of such tasks and can withstand all the stipulated terms. It's great that we can always count on predictability and quality results on their part"
Dmitrii Khrupov
CEO Tutu Technologies
"During the work 65apps showed its ability to responsibly approach to the tasks, perform works qualitatively and in time. We sincerely hope that you will continue to remain on the list of our partners".
Elena Bagudina
CEO Development
"We thank 65apps company for efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by the development of mobile applications, and note them as a reliable partner".
Alexandr Khanin
"Energetic and pushfulness of young studio 65apps introduces a modern way in the implementation of mobile applications projects, giving to the final product a guaranteed quality and reliability. We believe that there was no mistake in choosing and we look forward to continue our partnership".
Evgeny Morozov
"Especially we want to note the speed and quality of work, thorough approach to all stages of the work. Flexibility in the marketing policy, constructional offers and competent support of workflow in conjunction with the principles of honesty in doing business, characterized 65apps as a reliable partner, able to see and solve customer's problems".
Dmitrii Shitov
"During the cooperation the company showed their ability to responsibly approach to the tasks, perform works qualitatively and in time. The hallmark of 65apps is a high level of professionalism, organized staff and a strong team spirit".
Evgeniya Kostina
Director of Strategy and Marketing
"For all the time of our co-work, 65apps has showed itself as a good business partner, performing their duties responsiby and on the time. We appreciate the creativity, indifferent and efficiency of studio employees. We hope that our cooperation will be continued at the same high level".
Aleksandr Shvetsov
"This project had high requirements to the result: from the appearance and code to the uploading on the server. Besides the quality, one of the conditions of the contract was a short time of project implementation. Team of 65apps coped with the task in less than a month by developing and testing a new applet, due to which the conversion process of ordering cards of individual design has increased from 20−25% to 60−70%".
Sergey Schurkin
"I believe it's one of the best development studios in Russia and Eastern Europe. They work promptly, qualitatively and so far they are the only for whom I don't have claims to the process and result".
Alexander Borodich
CEO&Founder FutureLabs
"We have deeply introduced 65apps in our processes and they began to understand details and finally everything is working! I overwhelmingly glad to this".
Alexey Budin
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